a personal appeal; no sweeps this time

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Dear Lori,

I don’t know you. But we are part of a wonderful community of writers. I heard about your story on a travel writer’s listserv. Karen Berger wrote that there was a freelancer out there who needed our help. This freelancer, you, is, in no particular order, a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, a single mom, a fantastically photogenic woman with a fetching smile, a subscriber to Freelance Success and, damn it, this is so unfair, an ASL patient. Karen referred us to her blog, Create Work Live, where she elaborated. She posted links to Save Lori’s House and Lori Steele Fundraising Blog.

Clicking around, I learned that you recently faced foreclosure and that you had mounting medical bills. Apparently, funds are coming in and your house is yours – for now. I am writing here to ask my readers, who are not many but whose hearts are in the right place, to contribute to you, too. I’m sending something your way. Your situation would have touched me no matter what, but as a single mom and as a former ASJA member and former FLX subscriber, I felt particularly moved to do something on your behalf, no matter how small. I’m sending around this post, to see if I can get friends of mine to help.

I hope my readers will read more about you on the links I’ve included here, above and below.

You and your son Jackson are in my thoughts,

Barbara Benham

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