noodles for the drunks

Isaac has six pets at my place. Two cats, two parakeets, one cornsnake, one Russian tortoise. This means regular trips to the pet store. Next to the pet store is a Thai restaurant we like. We like the pad thai. I keep meaning to try their drunken noodles. Which, the first time I ordered it, was listed on the menu as Noodles for the Drunks. Meals there get us thinking about trips to Asia. Here’s a sweeps for seven days in Bangkok. The sponsor is Thai Kitchen. The hotel is unspecified. This language, from the Official Rules, makes clear you are own your own for room service. Thai Kitchen reserves the right to choose the hotel and the accommodations. Thai Kitchen/Simply Asia Foods, Inc. will pay for the room rate, plus any applicable taxes for a seven-(7) night stay only. All other amenities at the hotel and expenses incurred by the winner (and any guest) in Thailand will be at their own expense.

To enter, click HERE. One time entry. The sweeps closes November 30.