my son, the blogger

Isaac and I had great fun blogging together when he was in the third and fourth grades. He'd dictate, I'd type. The name of his blog, Isaac's Mind, and every word in it were all his. I only edited him if he wanted to post something I found inappropriate, like the time he wanted to write that President Bush was a monkey. Actually, without re-reading that post, I think I let him publish that but put a lid on the First Lady pulling tufts of fur off the President's back. (Looking back, I second-guess that one. At the time, I was trying to inculcate in him respect for, if not the man, the institution.)

Today Isaac said he was having ideas and he sat at the computer and dashed off a number of abstract expressionist digital creations. He said he wanted to sell them. I suggested he post them online. I offered to create a new blog, with an account of his own, so he could do it all on his. And he did. It's called Isaac's Mind of Art. He's taking it so seriously that he didn't as much chuckle when I noted that strung together in an URL the name could be read as Isaac's Mind'o'Fart. When I was in the sixth grade, this would have had me in stitches. These young people today.

I got an email for a swell sweeps, sponsored by Sherman's. I'll post the link later. I'm too konked to get the info together. In other news, I read Caroline Kennedy's endorsement for Barack Obama -- it ran on the op-ed page of The New York Times -- aloud to Isaac today. This evening, I read the beginning of Obama's memoir, Dreams For My Father, to Isaac. Guess who I want for president? South Carolina puts him in the lead.

Postscript with sweeps to follow.