back in the saddle with a perfect little sweeps: one week in the caribbean

You know the perfect little dress? Here’s a perfect little sweeps: up to seven days in the Caribbean on NWA Vacations. The lead sponsor is Garmin, maker of navigational devices for land, water and air. This is a one-entry sweeps (yes!). I’m in.

To enter, click HERE. Here are the Official Rules. This one closes on January 15.

Otherwise, earlier this week I was tagged by my MFA friend Leslie Miller. But I cannot play because my computer seems to be allergic to her blog. It is the wildest thing. My computer does not freeze up anywhere else on the Internet except on Leslie’s site, linked HERE, which is a shame not only because I want to play tag, but also because I love reading her powerful posts. She and I spoke by phone yesterday, and we were lamenting how discombobulating the holiday season can be, how hard it is to concentrate on big projects when we are being pulled, not unlike Olive Oil, in so many directions.

Here’s what else is on my mind today: I am buying a Christmas tree this weekend at Isaac’s school’s annual Christmas tree sale. I am hoping to take assorted stuff – my place runneth over with stuff, stuff and more stuff – to a boutique and to a thrift store either today or tomorrow, most likely tomorrow. I am concerned that my cleaning lady, whom we affectionately call Abuela Tres, is changing careers. She was going to come this morning, but then called and said she had a headache. I was kind of expecting her to cancel. After 13 years, I will miss her. I am waiting to hear back from my best friend’s mother about getting together tomorrow afternoon to watch an Italian movie. I am wondering what I will wear to my friend Kathy McCabe’s holiday party this evening. (Her Dream of Italy newsletter and travel services are stellar!) I am wondering how Isaac’s first basketball game will be later this afternoon. I am contemplating my swollen left thumb. Last evening I tripped on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building. The sidewalk is in disrepair. I banged up my knees and bruised or sprained my thumb. I am mentally drafting an email to my council member. (Dear Mr. Graham: We’ve corresponded before. I’ve written about the men who sell fake IDs along my block.) I am wondering if I will have time to get to the pet store to buy cat food for Torpedo and Tarzan and frozen mice for Ripley.

I am thinking it is time to end this post.