thank you for your vote!

Okay, thanks for your vote. Keep them coming!

I am insanely busy finishing up MFA loose ends, and may not post about sweeps again until next week.

I have a dilemma. My new neighbors seem sweet. As I wrote earlier this year, I was concerned that the people who would be replacing my neighbor of, let's see, maybe seven years, would be loud rockers who blasted their audiophile-quality stereo equipment all the live long day. We share several critical walls. The kitchen. And my gallery entranceway, which is where I've set up shop.

Well, if only it were it's only rock-and-roll and I like it, I like it, buh buh buh buh. They fight. And I think he hits her. I hear, "Stop! You're hurting me!" She shrieks these words. The first time, I thought she was kidding. Like that scene in one of Spike Lee's movies, maybe Jungle Fever, where people are whooping it up in the street and people don't know if it's an attempted assault or horsing around. But then, several days later, I heard it again. And several days later, again. And again. I heard it again this weekend, and then again this evening. And I do not know what to do.

I was thinking of notifying the front desk of my building, but they are kind of loose-lipped, and I am afraid the guy will harass me. Fortunately, I know people who know people who work with battered women, so I'm going to research this.