my heart's devotion: puerto rico for six nights

I haven't been riffing on life here lately because I have been too busy living it. I am still finishing up MFA loose ends, such as sending my thesis to the binder. Meeting the specifications has been excruciating. It has literally taken me 30 hours, if I include the hour to find the right paper (acid free! snow white! Which begs the quip: I used to be Snow White, but I drifted!) and the three hours it took me how set up the margins and the two hours it took me to figure out why I couldn't get those margins to work for the title page, even after I cut and pasted said title page into WordPad. I am also doing a distance internship, reading manuscripts and proposals for a literary agent. Absolutely amazing and inspiring projects.

In less than three weeks, I will be done. Actually, by next week I will be done, at least with all this overhang. Graduation is on August 5. Our commencement speaker is Gay Talese. He's one of my heroes, for many reasons, including that "Frank Sinatra has a cold" profile, but also because he told an editor who told him something he'd written on deadline wasn't any good, "Screw you." Only he used the "F" word. And he refused to write on deadline again. Which is ironic in this context because what if anything is an MFA but an exorbitantly priced deadline? *

Today's sweeps: Six nights at the San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino.

To enter, click HERE. Me thinks this closes on August 15.

* If any of my editors read this, please know that I love writing on deadline for you, you, always you!