one of four sensational destinations

The deaths of two cinema giants this week, Bergman, the Swede, and Antonioni, the Italian, reminded me that I was in France, on a road trip, when another cinema legend passed away. I don’t remember exactly where we were on our Paris – Blois - Ile de Re – Cognac – Biarritz – San Sebastian (yes, we dipped into Spain) – Pamplona – Pau – Limoges path. Somewhere we got word that Fellini had died, and as we drove through the countryside, they played Nino Rota on the radio for hours. This is the music that scores so many of Fellini’s films.

The memory got me hankering for a road trip. I’ve actually entered a few road trip sweeps. I didn’t find one today.

I did find this one, for a trip to either France, Thailand, Botswana or Ireland. An interesting assortment from which to choose. For me, it would be between Thailand and Botswana.

To enter, click HERE. I’ll add details later.