the way to san jose

Here’s a sweeps to a place I have actually seen firsthand, The San Jose Hotel, a retrofitted motor court on Austin’s hip-dee-doo South Congress Avenue. I was staying at a nearby B&B, the name of which I’ve forgotten, after having spent a few days in the gloriously centering Hill Country. The San Jose Hotel caught my eye as I explored the neighborhood (I vaguely recall coming close to purchasing a painting in one of the galleries, something very Southwestern, but then realized it would blow my travel budget for the indefinite future. Travel trumps art again.) I decided on the spot that if I ever went back to Austin, this is where I’d stay. There was something so sui generis cool about the place, in the best sense of the words. So here’s a sweeps, sponsored by Fossil, for three nights at yours and possibly mine truly.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is May 10. As you’ll see, there are two more sweeps, to two equally hip venues, The Hideaway in Palm Springs and Kate’s Lazy Meadow Hotel in the Catskills (Kate as in Kate Pierson of the B-52s!), coming down the pike.