seven nights in guadeloupe

I’m on a coffee diet. All I’ve had for the past two days is coffee (El Pico Espresso) and Haagen Daz coffee ice cream. Oh, and pretzels. And lots and lots of water. I figure this is a sugar, caffeinated version of the South Beach diet, Week 1. I’ll probably make myself a more traditional meal this evening or, at the latest, tomorrow. I might even order Chinese takeout. Until such time, I am on a coffee diet.

I’ve been lying low this month. There is simply too much going on, most of it good, some of it complicated. This sweeps, seven nights in Guadeloupe, lifted my spirits this morning. The winner will stay at the Karibea Resort Gosier. Oh, the water looks terribly inviting.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is September 30.