quelle coincidence: five nights in paris!

When I was little and fancied myself une petite artiste, I loved French art supplies more than any. Here is a trip to Paris sponsored by Canson, a French art supply maker. Ooh la la, I so want to start painting again. The problem there is my preferred medium is oil, and I don’t have a spare room I could use as a studio at the moment. I wish I knew how to paint with watercolor. The colors seem closest to nature, flowers and birds, that seemingly bottomless saturation that takes your breath away.

This sweeps does not specify hotel. It’s on French Experience. Air is on Air France.

The other day someone asked me if I’d won a trip. Not yet! But someone’s got to win. For a list of winners from the French tourism folks, the sponsor of today’s sweeps, click HERE.

To enter, click HERE. I’m not seeing a deadline. Don’t delay!