five nights in valladolid, spain

How I stumble upon some of these sweeps ... I was in New Haven for a few moments on Sunday evening, in passage, returning from a weekend in Amherst, Mass., and seeing the city (at that moment, dark and misty) reminded me of how much I'd been looking forward to visiting over Christmas break. (We'd planned to daytrip, to spend the day in New Haven, but Isaac got sick.) When I next was on a computer, after a four-day reprieve, I started searching for places to stay in New Haven. Apparently there's an Omni Hotel there, overlooking the Green. Which in Amherst and other points north, including Boston, is called a common. Omni is sponsoring a sweeps to Spain, to promote the introduction of Spanish items to their menus. The winner will fly first class and stay five nights at a four-star hotel in Valladolid, outside Madrid.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is January 31.