is cuba the next cancun?

The travel blogosphore is waxing enthusiastic over calls to ease U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba. I've got mixed feelings about this inevitable development. Yes, I'll go. But once restrictions for U.S. travelers are lifted, the place is going to be swarming with Americans. Once the trade embargo is lifted, U.S. hotels will descend upon the island with abandon. All that pent-up demand for a place that will no longer be.

My dream, long deferred, was to get there before Castro kicked. The place already gets two million visitors a year, per the Cuba Tourist Board in Canada. From a December 1 press release: For three years in a row our island surpasses the two million visitors, which shows that Cuba is well positioned in its main markets. Canada is leading the way as number one market followed by United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Mexico among others.

Which begs the question: Is Cuba the next Cancun? Judging by this Canadian-sponsored photo contest, with a grand prize of a trip for 10 to Cuba, that might be Cuba's fate. Per the official rules, the contest is open to all Canadians excluding residents of Quebec. The contest closes February 28.