my heart's devotion: san juan, puerto rico

The push-pull of winter weather begins. This evening, after stopping for takeout, Isaac noticed a snowflake. The first of the season. He wants a snowy winter. Me, too. Of course, I want a warm escape to go with it. Here’s one: The Latin Grammys have come and gone (they were held on November 2) but there’s a sweeps pegged to Latin Grammys than runs through month’s end. Two nights in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is December 31.

I finished my thesis work for the semester. One book review to go and I am emancipated for a little over a month. I love the program. I need a break.

As for the image: Those are purportedly Puerto Rican dolls, from the 1960s, currently on sale on eBay. The seller said they're slightly bendable and might be made of rubber. I have no idea if they're really from Puerto Rico, but I dig them so much, I'm tempted to put in a bid.