day 2/7: short and sweet – florence!

I just entered a sweeps for four nights in Florence. The occasion: Publication of the book Wine for Dummies. And those Dummies folks are no dummies when it comes to sweeps. All they ask for when you enter is your email address and then your first name. Piece of cake. Sweeps should all be that easy to enter!

To enter, click HERE, then click on the sweeps icon. The deadline is December 31.

Folks interested in travel to Italy should check out my friend Kathy McCabe’s newsletter, Dream of Italy, as well as her blog. She really, really knows her stuff! Plus, by coincidence, she's currently offering an e-book, a compilation of articles about Florence, to new subscribers.

Okay, fachiamo la bella figura!

P.S. I spoke with Carmen this morning, the woman with whom we stayed in Oaxaca. They’re fine, none of the children work in tourism, so the only risk is not having any language students stay with them through the unrest. I wish them well.