take a hike, and the big dang theory

Today’s news from Asia is disheartening. Talk about clubs that should be immediately disbanded. I refer to the nuclear weapons club. I'll let the political bloggists take it from here.

In the midst of some serious chatterbox catchup this past Saturday evening, Ms. Shoes and I agreed that sweeps that send you to the other side of the world but for several days are usually not worth entering. I’m making an exception to this one, six days in New Zealand, on two counts. The short stay, plus airfare is only from L.A., not from the closest airport. The air from L.A. is mixed. The upside would be getting to hang out in Santa Monica on one leg of the trip, whichever made the most sense jetlag-wise. The reason I’m making this exception is that this is a walking trip, a five-day guided Milford Track walk; walking is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I still have the hiking boots I wore when I trudged around Provence with les Guides de France one summer. My boots are so worn I can’t read the make! This sweeps is sponsored by Timberland.

To enter, click HERE.

Dang. Something happened this morning that I can’t write about. All I say is dang. Then I’ll slink back to the drawing board, and continue to work on the Big Dang Theory, all alone and in the dark. Dang.