click or treat

Here’s one I could not resist. I found it on the FlyerTalk forum. It’s for a trip to New York, plus a Canon ELPH, in celebration of the digital point-and-shoot’s ten-year anniversary. Where to start in terms of what this sweeps evokes? In reverse chronological order: 1.) I was in New York last week, on my own for the first time in 20 months; the visit made me vow to start getting up there more frequently. The reason for my trip was my MFA program. The director takes a group of second-year students every year. We met with editors from The New Yorker, The Paris Review, The New York Times Book Review, Houghton and Norton, plus a literary agent. Not shabby. I also saw a few editors I know on my own. 2.) Digital camera: The last camera I purchased, quite impulsively, the day before I left for Costa Rica in 2004, was a film camera, a Canon EOS. Silly of me. I'd broken my Canon AE-1 when I was in Oaxaca the previous summer, and I needed a new one. Isaac and I were hiking with a nature guide in a state park. I was wearing Danskos, not exactly proper hiking gear, and fell down the side of a ravine. (Meanwhile, the news from Oaxaca, the political unrest and violence and standstillness, is sad indeed.) I went back and forth about film versus digital, and went with film. 3.) Canon. My dad, a photographer, was a Canon man. Need I say more?

To enter, click HERE. One entry per day. Deadline: November 20. Dates of Travel: December 14 - 16. Prize includes tickets to a concert of select Top 40 bands at Madison Square Garden on December 15.