much geography: galapagos

Today’s entry is quite the confluence of circumstance. First and foremost, we’ve got another serious coincidence on our hands. Earlier this afternoon, I was finishing an essay, the one that started as a post on Travel Contests. I wrote a paragraph about the Galápagos. It was an eleventh-hour kind of thing. I was trying to figure out the way to round out the story. A detail involving the Galápagos fit the bill. Lo and behold, today’s sweeps is for a Lindblad Expedition trip to the Galápagos, for a family of four.

Like yesterday’s sweeps, this one is well-intentioned and high concept. It’s not just promoting a property or an outfitter. It’s promoting a cause: Geography. The sponsor is My Wonderful World, an initiative to promote geography knowledge among school-age children. For details about the trip, click HERE.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is December 31, 2006.