misadventures in sweeps land

Barbara’s Bakery is at it again. The maker of healthful snacks and cereals is sponsoring four promotional sweeps: Maine, Hawaii, London and Florida. I’ve already entered the one to Hawaii; it closes September 30. I’ll enter the remaining three, which close in November, February and April. I’ll start with Maine. To see all four, click HERE.

I’m chagrined about what happened last night when I tried to enter the Hershey sweeps by the deadline. I was going to write up a statement about how happy I was that we made it to Hershey this past weekend. Only I was tired and instead of typing my year of birth I typed the current year. That would make me six months old. This mistake disqualified me, not only from that sweeps, which closed last night, but another one that's still open. Oh well. Maybe it was not meant to be.