scent of a woman: new york city makeover

I wear Vétiver by Guerlain. It’s been my signature scent since 1980. It’s technically POUR HOMME, but I know plenty of gals who wear it. My best friend’s mother. My son’s pediatrician, who happens to be my best friend’s sister. Apparently Princess Diana was partial to it, too. I “discovered” it through a fellow. A fellow I hung out with back in the day. I liked how he smelled, but not enough to ask what the name of his cologne was. One day, he spritzed it all over my place, to mask the kitty-litter odor. He was funny that way. I realized after he’d left that the place still smelled like him, of him. That’s when I asked him: What is this you wear? It was Vétiver by Guerlain. I’ve worn it ever since. Sometimes it’s hard to find. But it has to be Guerlain. I tried another brand once and it was not the same. It doesn’t suit everyone, either. Perfume and eau de cologne are funny that way. Two stories: When I was in Haiti in 1980, my best friend's mother pointed to a truck. "It's vétiver," she said. And it was. My friend Scott was riding the subway in New York once and he smelled Vétiver, presumably by Guerlain. And he said, “That’s Barbara.” That’s right. That’s me.

Here’s a sweeps, sponsored by Guerlain, for a weekend in New York and a makeover at La Maison Guerlain. The winner must take the trip in January. The only other rub is this is a promotion for a new perfume, Insolence. I’m always open to a second signature scent.

The deadline to enter is September 29.

To enter, click HERE.