horseplay: monte carlo, a vos jeux

This would be amusing to win: Six nights at the HOTEL HERMITAGE in Monte Carlo. (Plus air, plus a helicopter ride to and from the airport.) Why? For one, the sponsor, Elite Bloodstock, is a buyer and seller of race horses and Isaac is going to riding camp this week. The parade of coincidence marches on. (For any newcomers: Coincidence has been a theme here.)

Second, I’ve been to Monaco. It would be interesting to return, even though Monte Carlo is not a on my list of places I’m pining to visit. If I did win this trip, I would have to go clothes-shopping. I would not be exaggerating when I said I didn’t have anything to wear.

You can enter this one once a day through February 25.

To enter, click HERE.

Isaac and I went to see “Snakes on a Plane” yesterday. It was fun, a real romp. There's some nudity, mainly close-ups of a young couple doing the Mile High Club thing. It's grisly in parts, but not any more than I'd been expecting.