back to school: i already need a vacation

Okay, I’m exaggerating. Today is the first day of school. The start of the school year always feels huge. The surprises. (A favorite teacher of Isaac’s left the school over the summer.) The worries. (Will Isaac like his class assignment this year?) The meetings. (So far, back to school night and a fundraiser, with more to come.) We got all of the above and then some. That said, his teachers seem great and it’s a great group of students. Most of them have been together since kinder-garten. Call me crazy (you won't be the first), but I’m optimistic we’ll have a good year.

I’m going to enter a sweeps for Scotland today: three nights at Jury’s Inn in Glasgow plus airfare. This is Frommer’s monthly “Hot Spot” giveaway.

To enter, click HERE and then click on the “To Enter” icon. (If I try to link directly to the entry form, it times out.) The deadline to enter is August 31.